The latest briefing from Western Water Assessment is hot off the presses

Click here to read the assessment (scroll down). Here’s an excerpt:


  • March was wetter than normal for the northern half of our region, including Wyoming, northern Utah, and northern Colorado, with drier conditions to the south.
  • Snowpack conditions held steady or improved in the northern basins in the past month, but declined in most southern basins, with rapid melt since April 1. Most of region’s basins have 80–110% of median SWE for early April, with an increasing number now below 80%.
  • The April 1 spring-summer runoff forecasts improved from the March 1 forecasts in the northern basins with high recent precipitation, but worsened in southern Colorado and southern Utah. Most of the region’s forecast points are expected to have near-average (90–109% of average) or below-average (70–89%) runoff.
  • The current El Niño event continues to wind down and is barely hanging onto “strong” status. The likely persistence of El Niño conditions through the spring and early summer is reflected in a wet tilt for most of the region in the seasonal precipitation forecasts.
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