Your Values, Colorado’s Environmental Health

Your Water Colorado Blog

By Jacquelyn Murphy

800px-Garden_of_the_Gods At Garden of the Gods, Colorado’s evergreens and red rocks are easily accessible to Front Range residents. Credit: Corbyrobert at the German Language Wikipedia

What do you think of when someone says “environment?” Having grown up near the ocean, water is central to my concept of environment—wide open skies with puffy clouds, chirping birds, warm sun, and crashing waves. In Colorado, it’s easy to think of the mountains, evergreens, and red rocks, yet water is central to our environment here too. It sustains all of us, the many critters who were here long before we were, and provides some of the most stunning natural settings in the state.

Just like any component of our environment, water has the potential to promote health or deteriorate it, for example through contamination. When this happens, we feel suddenly betrayed by our water—such a common, trustworthy substance. Environmental health studies the…

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